Weird Adventures in…?

As I just posted over at, I’m officially taking a break from the comic. It hasn’t been updating in a while, but I’m finally letting people know that instead of making them wait. Here’s the text of the comic I posted over there:

Hi there. I’m Brandon J. Carr, artist and writer for Weird Adventures in Unemployment. The strip hasn’t updated in a couple of months and I should have been more communicative about exactly why.

As regular readers know, I was sick and then my computer went kablooie. Then a couple trips out of town without the ability to update pushed things even further behind. However, this whole situation has painted me as more of a slacker than I really am.

For most of this break, I’ve been waiting for some things to be sorted out behind the scenes. Business stuff, not personal stuff this time. Without getting into details, what I’ve been waiting for hasn’t been sorted. And until things are taken care of, I’m making the business decision to suspend my work here.

It sucks because I love Weird Adventures and all the readers. I’ll keep you guys updated via my blog as to if or when Weird Adventures will be coming back. Miss you guys already.

And there you have it. I’ve got other stuff I’m working on while I wait to see what course everything will take. I have two projects in particular with awesome collaborators, one with me as co-writer and the other with me as artist. Both are really exciting and the writing gig is a little similar in tone to Weird Adventures. The artwork lets me get back to some fun fantasy sci-fi stuff in the vein of what I used to do on Quantum.

I spent a few minutes trimming my ear hair earlier. Again. Getting old is getting old.


6 Responses to “Weird Adventures in…?”

  1. David says:

    I appreciate the fact that you actually took the time to BOLD all the words you bolded in the WA post. Things like that remind me that you are, good sir, a man of detail.

  2. David says:

    One other thing: don’t trim your ear hair. Let that shit grow out and have an ear-pony-tail. That would rule, son!

  3. Brandon J. Carr says:

    I think it’s more about the fact that I really like bolding things than anything else. It just adds some authority to everything.

    The ear-pony-tail is going to have to wait until my mid-life crisis. Those things are going to look amazing when I’m riding my hog down the interstate. And I mean a literal hog because motorcycles scare me (and at the moment still bother me).


  4. Incredibly Awesome Coworker says:

    Is because you have not received funds from the owners of WAMU? And by WAMU, I mean WAIU.

  5. Brandon J. Carr says:

    IAC – Like I said, I’m not going into to details. Even once things get sorted out, it’s not something I’m comfortable discussing publicly at this point.

    Ever onward!


  6. Jon says:

    Dag Nabbit!

    Hope to see some of your work online again soon, I’m starting to miss it ya know :P


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