Hop!In order to get my comic juices flowing again, I did a guest comic for Tom Brazelton’s stellar cinema strip Theater Hopper. With the new Indiana Jones flick coming out this week, I figured it was a perfect setup within a comic about movies. Or an obvious setup. YOU DECIDE.

No, it’s not Weird Adventures. But it’s something, right? Right?

Thanks to everyone who hooked me up with birthday happiness. I had a really nice weekend and getting e-mails and Facebook posts and text messages was certainly a big part of that. Thanks!

Today is Mike Rouse-Deane‘s birthday, so do him a solid and check out his ambitious Guest Strip Project. The concept is really neat and it seems to be going very well. Happy birthday, Mike!


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  1. Mike Rouse-Deane says:

    Just read this, ta matey :)

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